Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Family Ties

Among things that can be called a natural human tendency, gossip beats them all. Actually, family gossip beats all!

My recent trip to my Chacha's marriage and brother's engagement bear a testimony to that!

It's never taught to us, for example, how to start a gossip or which topic to choose.
It's just something that flows out incessantly once the one who knows "stuff" remembers that they know new "stuff". One thing leads to another and we have set the gossip ball rolling and we all know it continues till either there's something more interesting capable enough to gain that extra momentum needed to take the limelight away from it's older rival or either party leaves! That sometimes leaves the remaining thinking and wondering and yet again "discussing" about the matter!

Be it lunch or dinner or breakfast or even relaxing time, we know what relaxes us the most.
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