Thursday, April 23, 2009


The second semester has already started and so have studies, in college at least..My studies haven't. Every day I feel like I'll start from today, but it doesn't seem to happen...

Can anyone please give me tips to feel motivated and start studying after taking exams that went horribly wrong to the extent that I don't wanna think about the result which is 6,7 months away, anyway...
What do you do when there's so much to do but u feel like doing nothing??

It's such a messy situation..College's great but studies nowhere...I don't really like this combination..
It should be Great studies, great college time and it falls in place in my mind...

Well, I hope I begin from today...


Saturday, April 11, 2009


Now this stuff is competely imaginative....

Nothing of this sort has EVER happened with me....

I was just thinking something, and then thought of

writing it down..

Being in a relationship, (Reminder: which I hv never been in),

there may arise situations where one might feel throttled,

suffocated or even humiliated because of their partner's

attitude, reasons of which could be many...

I was just wondering, what should one do in such situations???

When you feel so throttled, so disrespected and may be

neglected even for a brief period of time and it just leaves you

wondering where are you heading??

Where's the realtionship going??

When you just hate the person you love the most, leaving you in


minds...whether to end it or give it a second chance??

End it beacuse u were disrespected..even if it was owing

to some misunderstanding..why the hell did it creep in..

things must have been sorted out first...

or a second chance cz "to err is human"...that's just an excuse..

the real reason being u really love the person....

n also telling yourself,in fact warning yourself, if anything like this

happens again, u would be going for the biggest decision of ur life

and somewhere inside, hoping, that it doesn't happen cz u

won't b able to do that....

So, what does it weakens you....????

or it gives you different perspectives just to avoid harsh decisions

cz harsh decisions would take their toll on you so u prefer

taking the easy road...forgive and forget...??

or may be it's an individual's choice...I may look at it in whatever

way I want to..but that person knows what he/she is doing....

But what's better..?? parting on amicable terms rather than

dragging a relationship reminnding yourself of all the 'good' times

u have had together so it breathes new life into u

and hopefully ur relationship...??

hoping everything will b alright..n dat it takes time for things

to get normalized again...

n spending every single day of ur life from then on, to bring about a

fresh, haappy change in the state of things...

Whatever it might be, nothing can

work wonders if there's no mutual roads

don't work here i guess....

[to be continued....]

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